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My path to nursing was a long one.  I “ducked out” of nursing in college because I was too lazy and lacked the foresight to stick with it.  I graduated with a bachelor’s in elementary education and found too late that working with administrators, parents and other teachers would leave me too frustrated to be a good teacher in the classroom.  So, I took the first job offered to me after graduation and worked in finance as an office manager for a hedgefund doing an array of tasks including accounting, receptionist, human resources, management, payroll, personal assistant, etc.  Not only did I grow to dislike the industry itself, but I also realized sitting in an office all day was not my cup of tea.  Each day I felt a part of my soul dwindle away, slowly eaten by a stagnant office environment and all in the name of what? the constant pursuit of the heart of finance: money.  No thanks!

aban896lThere was a short time during my finance career that I became interested in nursing again and tried to pursue classes, but my job proved too demanding at the time.  But I did eventually leave the finance industry and explored what felt like every career out there.  I knew I wasn’t interested in being an engineer or a lawyer or a doctor; none of the blatantly obvious jobs would do for me.  No, I would have to explore and dig deep for my career, I knew that much; it would be a journey.

I applied to the Peace Corps but last minute, decided against it.  I tried modeling for a while, which opened a world of insight for me (and gave me a lot of awesome pictures of myself in my prime Blush) but it still left me feeling unaccomplished.  I looked into becoming a librarian (because I enjoy academic settings) and took classes in photography (a casual hobby I had always liked).  I explored becoming a therapist or social worker (psychology runs big in my family).  I looked into teaching piano (I’m a trained, classical pianist) or being a professional organizer (I have a natural knack for the orderly).  I got my TEFL certificate with the hopes to teach English abroad in China (at least I had a backup if all else failed).  I even applied to a nursing program abroad and I was accepted but right before I applied for a visa, the US Department of Education retracted all financial aid for my program.  I was lost and confused; did this mean I wasn’t supposed to do nursing? why couldn’t I find a career that fit me?


It’s hard to explain what made me turn back to nursing.  There were many things I had to come to terms with (and I will cover that in a later post) before making the decision but the biggest influence was the constant presence of “nursing” in the back of my mind.  It was always there, always nagging me as if to say, “Hey, remember me?  The one you gave up on?  Why don’t you explore and see what I’m about?”  Since nothing else I had tried seemed to fit, I decided to volunteer & shadow in the health field while taking some science pre-requisites and see if it was still something I truly wanted to pursue.  And it is here where my story begins…