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NA = Nursing Application

I just applied to my three nursing schools and I thought it might be helpful to explain the process of each, in case there’s anyone out there about to go through it themselves.  I would have loved to find an outline such as the one I’m about to write so hopefully, you will find it helpful.

The first process I’m going to outline is the application for the University of Washington in Seattle.  This was by far the most time consuming and most difficult of all the applications I did, which isn’t surprising since UW is the top nursing school in the nation.

University-of-Washington-School-of-Nursing-logo-Era-LivingFirst off you have to apply to UW directly before you apply to the College of Nursing. It was a fairly simple process that included one essay and an application.  I applied as a post-bac student (info here).  After I applied to UW, I applied to the nursing program.

For the nursing program, you can apply for an accelerated BSN (ABSN) or a regular BSN.  I applied for the regular track because I wasn’t in a rush and since I already have a BSN, I basically count as a “transfer” and start the nursing coursework as a junior.  You can read the requirements for the BSN here but I also included a condensed list:

The application itself was a real kicker.  Requirements include:

referral-guidelinesWhat made the process difficult was the very specific guidelines that UW put in place.  The recommendation letter has specific questions, must be answered by a specific person, must be in a specific format.  The resume has specific sections you must include, must be in a specific format (the margins, the font type, the font size; all of it is specific).  The personal statement is one of the most important parts the application procedure and they really want you to cut to the chase, answer every single detail (but briefly), and show them you know what it truly means to work in the health industry day in and day out.  They have a checklist you can use to ensure you cover everything, which was very helpful.  Also, this video is the most valuable tool you have when applying and you should not fail to watch it over and over and over again (ABSN video is here).

And now, I just wait.  In another post I will include a copy of the essay and resume I used so you can get an idea of the format/writing style I used.