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NA = Nursing Application

The second nursing application process I’m going to outline is for a school in the South (the first application I outlined was for the University of Washington, see here).  I am purposefully excluding the name of this college for confidentiality purposes.  This school only offers a regular BSN but they do recognize you as a second degree seeker rather than a regular transfer student, which is nice.

Like UW, you must apply to the college directly first and then apply to the nursing school.  This process was so easy I don’t even remember it; it was all done online and there was no essay.  All you have to do is send in your official transcripts and pay the application fee (and you must do this 6 weeks before the nursing school application deadline).

The nursing school application was also a breeze.  There wasn’t an essay for that either!  But there were some requirements:

  • the nursing application itself, all online
  • completed at least 25 hours of required lower division non-nursing courses by the application deadline to include core nursing courses (Anatomy and Physiology + Labs 8 hours, Chemistry + Lab 4 hours, Microbiology + Lab 4 hours, Developmental Psychology 3 hours, Nutrition 3 hours, Statistics 3 hours)
  • a minimum grade of C in anatomy and physiology, chemistry, and microbiology including all labs
  • a minimum grade point average of at least 3.0 on the required non-nursing lower division core courses
  • successfully pass the entrance test (TEAS V, more details on that in my next post) before application and admission to upper division nursing courses.

This school did not impress me in terms of their organization and feedback when I called with questions.  I got many different answers each time I called and the instructions were confusing, TOO confusing for what it was.  But there aren’t many nursing school options in my area and this was the only one in the city that I could apply to so… yea…