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NA = Nursing Application

Screen Shot 2013-06-13 at 10.57.12 AMNYU was a surprisingly easy application.  Since I was a non-traditional, second degree seeker, I only had to apply once, which was great.  I sent all materials to the Office of Student Affairs, specified I was applying to the accelerated BSN program, and that was it!  If you are NOT a non-traditional student, you may have a different process so make sure you check.  The requirements were very reasonable:

  • the application itself
  • all official transcripts from any previous institutions
  • a pre-requisite worksheet that lists any previous natural world courses you have taken (A&P, Micro, Human Growth & Development, Statistics, etc.)
  • resume (I used the same resume I submitted to UW, see here)
  • letter of recommendation from a professional or academic reference
  • personal statement of 250-500 words that addresses the following questions: What events led you to choose nursing as a career at this stage in your life? Why are you choosing to pursue this degree at NYU? (read my essay: NYU Entrance Essay)
  • application fee

And that was it!  Like I mentioned in an earlier post, I was/am very impressed with the organization and smooth process that NYU afforded me.  It was an extremely effortless thing to accomplish, assuming you met all their requirements.  And now… we wait…