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head scratch VC numIf you’ve been keeping up with my posts, you know by now that the application process for nursing school was very disheartening for me (read my experience here). My post yesterday detailed my encounter with an advisor at the nursing school in the South who, after reviewing my file, discovered an out-dated transcript that I believed was updated, which is what caused so much strife for me in the application process (that and the fact that I didn’t reply to an email within 5 days).

I also mentioned yesterday that this situation showed a discrepancy: UW might have (UW would not confirm what was received; they are kind of jerks) but the South school definitely dismissed my application because of an out dated transcript.  But NYU accepted me.  Why?  Did this mean the transcript to the South school was the only out dated one?  I called NYU to see what was happening:


I explained the issue then asked, “Can you look on my file and tell me if A&P II and Micro are on there?”

Keyboard noises and breathing, “Um… no, they aren’t actually.  Did you send a transcript?”

I sighed and shook my head confused, “But I was accepted into the program.  How is that if those core courses aren’t on my transcript?”

*a sneeze*, “Oh excuse me!  Well, the nursing school will still accept you even if those courses aren’t completed.  You have up until the end of this summer to complete them but if you’ve done them already, we’ll need an updated transcript.”


Well, gheezus, I did get lucky on that one, didn’t I?  But it still meant that most likely the other transcripts sent to UW and definitely the South school were out-dated, therefore I was dismissed as a candidate.  I can’t stress this enough to people: please double check everything.  I double-checked with all schools that they received my transcripts but I never thought to check if they were updated.  I should have mailed a transcript to myself to ensure it was right instead of relying on feedback given to me by the community college (stupid people!)  Don’t make the mistake I made.