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I am a big believer in herbal remedies for 3 reasons:

  1. It is what people have used (and are still using) for generations and much of it works.  We, as Westerners, just happen to live in a culture that did not adapt the herbal way of life.  That does not make it less effective, however.
  2. Most traditional medicinal products we use today are actually derived from plants.
  3. On the huge off chance that herbs have zero positive affects, judging by the multitude of people who claim success using them, that means they have one mean placebo effect.  And I am all for placebos!

On that note, let’s take a look at some herbs that may help with constipation.  I purchased a great book, The Holistic Herbal Dictionary by Penelope Ody.  I really love it and have had great success referring to it.  Here’s what it has to say about constipation along with a snap shot of the herbs she recommends to help alleviate symptoms.

ConstipationCannabisRhubarb Isphagula