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9780323065849_p0_v1_s260x420I am taking Pathophysiology this fall while I wait to hear back from local nursing programs about my acceptance.  Patho is a required course so I thought I might as well take it now.  This means while all the other unlucky students are taking next Spring with their clinicals, I will just have clinicals.  WHOO HOO!

My instructor is great.  She’s to the point, talks fast, doesn’t waste time, no nonsense, good sense of humor, and genuinely wants to help you succeed.  What more could you ask for?  The first class day was filled with the usual suspects: the gay guy who is friends with everyone, the girl who wears way too much make up for a morning class & acts holier than thou as she “observes” the competition that files into the classroom, the row of fake blondes who are disgustingly eager to succeed, the kids who aren’t paying attention and ask stupid, repetitive questions that the syllabus already answers, and the middle aged moms who are going back for their degree.  Then there are the silent types like me, who are normal but who have no outward interest in playing games or making friends.  WHOOP WHOOP, REPRESENT, YO!

tumblr_liy7k0TTJW1qixleeo1_400Our first test is in a couple weeks and covers 5, very long chapters.  I’m nervous.  The teacher has stressed many times what she wants us to study and I feel she’s trying to be obvious and to the point about what’s important to know.  But I’m still nervous.  If I make it through alive, I will check back with you all after the first exam… dum dum DDDUUUUUMMMMMM…..

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