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stupid-peopleI honestly do not know why people seem so damn stupid at times.  SO stupid, in fact, I’m genuinely curious how they even made it to a junior level nursing class at a fairly prestigious university.  That, in and of itself, makes me worry about who we are letting become nurses but let’s not get into that now.

Granted, it’s not all the people in the class.  It’s only the select, special few who have that amazing ability to make me stare blankly at a wall, slowly shake my head, and exhale in disgust at their apparent inability to use their brain.

Exhibit A:  In the first day of class, the teacher outlines the syllabus word for word (which I think is ridiculous).  Do we really need someone holding our hand?  If you can’t read, you probably shouldn’t be a nurse.  Anyway.  After she goes through it, people start to ask her questions, questions that in fact she had JUST ANSWERED by going through the syllabus:

  • “Do I need to buy the book?”
  • “Do I need to read the book?”
  • “Do I need to buy the workbook?”

Really people?  I have been in over 100 classes in my life and there hasn’t been one where I didn’t need to buy the items listed on the syllabus.  And no don’t read the book; you only need to buy it for a class where the main objective is to study/learn a new subject but no… no you don’t need to read it.  THAT would be RIDICULOUSNESS!  Not to mention, the teacher (and syllabus in case you’re deaf) already answered all those questions so not only are you wasting her time, my time and everyone else’s time in class but you’re also forcing all of us to be subjected to your idiocy.

Exhibit B:  It’s a week before the test.  The teacher comes in and says, “I’ve been getting a lot of questions and even though they’ve already been addressed, I’m going to answer them again for those of you who need to hear things twice.”  (yes, she gets frustrated with stupid people too).  She begins to read off a sheet that lists the most common questions she’s received from students:

  • “Do I need to buy the book?”  She looks around and says loudly, firmly, “YES.”
  • “Do I need to read the book for the test?”  She stares up briefly, “YES.”
  • “Do I need to study the workbook for the test?”  Same dull glance, “YES.”
  • “And now for my personal favorite,” she says, “‘I work on the weekends so when am I supposed to study?'”

She let that sink in before responding, “People.  I have no idea.  If you can’t study, then don’t be in this class.”  CAN I GET AN AMEN, SISTA?!!!!!

House knows what I’m talkin’ bout: