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O.M.G.  This effing chapter is SO long.  I’m not even sure how someone writes something as long as this, and as boring, but it’s obviously possible and I am obviously not going to read it all.  Too bad I offered to share my in depth notes with other classmates who are now relying on me to send what I read.

kill-me-kill-me-nowI did finally give up on the chapter and send what notes I had completed, along with this email, which did not get the comical/sarcastic response I was hoping for from fellow students:

Here’s Chapter 23.  Not gonna lie, toward the end (starting around breast cancer for women) I started giving up.  I stopped going into as much detail b/c honestly, that section is WAY complicated so it’s best if you read up on it (and if you make notes on it, give them to me, haha)

This chapter was literally hell to get through but I will try to find the courage to continue to 24 (I may or may not make it).  Now if you excuse me, I’m indulging in wine time (which by the grace of Patho, I now know increases my risk for breast cancer).  I.  Don’t.  Care.


It PROBABLY didn’t help that I sent this out to a group of conservative, Christian students who attend a private college in the South. Nor did it help that one of the girl’s mom had died of breast cancer.