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I studied harder for this test, I feel.  I had flash cards, wrote extremely detailed notes, really memorized terms, etc. and it was all worthless.  Her tests are so random.  She picks questions from a test bank that the author has created and they range from extremely specific to “if you don’t understand the concept, you are screwed.”  Memorizing and knowing symptoms of diseases just doesn’t cut it!  I made the exact same grade as Exam I.  Not terrible but annoying.  Here are the notes I made:

For the past couple weeks, since that test, I have been in my mid-semester rebellious mood.  I skipped class (not that her lectures are useful) and skimmed the book, barely reading the words.  I even told some fellow classmates that I have written her and the class straight off my “care list.”  But Test #3 is coming up next week so I need to buckle down.  I’m not to the point where I can totally stop caring yet.

school-sucks2For Test #3, I’m using a different technique.  I am reading the chapters without making notes, without researching, without any distraction; I simply trying to absorb the information in detail as I read.  No flash cards (the teacher actually told us if we were still using them we needed to stop, “they’re too elementary for your level.”)  I organized her notes & added bits ‘n pieces here ‘n there but nothing as in depth as previously done.  I’m going back through the notes/chapters and picking out the hard stuff, drawing my own diagrams and writing charts to help me organize complex concepts.  I have no clue if it will lead to a higher grade but there’s only one way to find out!