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I hate orientations.  They’re always full of boring, superfluous information that I either, 1) already know or 2) don’t care to know.  In fact, I had 3 questions for the entire 8 hours that I was there and NO ONE could answer them.  I finally broke away from the group and called the main campus and at least they had something useful to say.  But really?  That’s so stupid.  I’m AT orientation so I don’t have to call the damn school.  There’s also those annoying ice breaker “get to know your classmate” games; HATE THOSE.  I’m going to get to know the people I need to know over the next 2 years.  There’s no need to push it.

If you can’t tell I had nursing school orientation last week.  For those of you who are curious, I passed Patho with an A (miraculously; even I didn’t see that coming).  But back to the real issue at hand.  Why do you have to go to orientation?  Why does it exist?  WHYYYY????

why-god-why1You know what else is crap?  Toward the end of orientation they have a room where you can buy your nursing school supplies (uniforms, name badges, patches for scrubs, etc.).  Everyone there tells you you HAVE to purchase everything at that very moment (which is obviously a lie b/c what happens when 1/2 way through the semester you lose your name badge, you can’t get another one???)  They are totally screwing the students over.  At the orientation, in that very room, I looked up the bookstore website on my phone and held it up to my orientation leader stating, “I’m not purchasing stuff here b/c the bookstore is selling the exact same thing for 1/2 the price.”  She didn’t have a response.  JERKS.