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Concepts is the class I hate least.  The ideas you learn are pretty self explanatory, pretty common sense oriented; I don’t have trouble with that.  I don’t read the text.  I use an online program called PrepU that allows you to formulate NCLEX style quizzes based off the chapters you’re working on.  I do those until I reach a level 8ish and I’ve passed all my exams.  Book:


What do you learn?

Concepts teaches you just that: ideas.  Fundamentals for nursing practice.  How things “should” be in the field, what safe practice is, how to ADPIE (assess/diagnose/plan/implement/evaluate), what is legal & what isn’t, how to delegate.  There is also a clinical component that teaches you skills such as wound dressing changes, catheter placement, how to give injections, etc.  ALSO this class has a hospital component so technically it’s your clinical!

How’s it set up?

There is a 6 hour lab component where you learn skills.  This lab turns into your hospital clinical half way through the semester.  So you go to the hospital once a week for a 5 hour shift.  There is also 2 1/2 hour lecture component.  Just like Assessment, you have written tests for lecture and practicums for lab.

What do you like about it?

There’s a lot of fluff (ie, stupid information that is obvious and you don’t really need or care about) BUT there is a big clinical component, which I like.  I like skills.  I like practicality and implementation.  This class allows for that.  Much of it is common sense, too, like I said earlier; that always makes it easier for me.