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Dear Pharm,

OH Pharm, where to begin.  I hate you but I love you.  Why?!  I love you b/c you make me feel smart.  I hate you b/c you are so effing hard.  Hard b/c I have to know every single detail about every single drug and what’s the point when we live in a world of instant knowledge via some computer source?  You think nurses know every drug?  You think they don’t have to look up what they’re giving in their computer system before giving it?  You think they REALLY had to memorize all of you ahead of time before they could be successful?!

Don’t bother answering; I know the truth.  The truth is YES, you torture me for no good reason.  I have found one weakness, though.  I have found that your tests truly only revolve around one concept: what does that look like in the patient?  If a side effect of a drug is constipation, how do you know when that side effect is taking place?  What does constipation LOOK LIKE?!  How do you identify the drug is working, not working, or working too well?  Ah yes, I’ve figured that much out at least. 

But still.  Hate.  I hate you.  And always will. (but kind of love you too)