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cartoon2520I’ve never liked hospitals.  You could say I don’t like them for the reasons most people don’t: sick people everywhere.  But my hatred goes much deeper than that.  It extends to the dark depths of distrust and repulsion.

What bothers me is not the patients, ironically, but the staff.  The nurses.  The doctors.  The PCTs (patient care technicians).  And please do not tell me that not all of them are bad.  I KNOW THAT.  And top-notch hospitals will probably not fall under this category.  But speaking generally, the hospital system is a broken place.  If you ever have to go to the hospital, get out as fast as you can.  It’s not a place to heal.  It’s a place to get more sick, physically and mentally.

A nurse refused to call a doctor because she was afraid he would yell at her (rightfully so, b/c she was an idiot).  What was the cost?  A patient was left needing treatment that he would not get until 24 hours later.  An elderly woman who suffered a stroke with a stage IV pressure ulcer (ie, a 5/6″ open sore on the coccyx, bone protruding with surrounding necrotic tissue) was not given pain medication because she couldn’t speak (she was conscious however, w/ eyes open).  Her dressing was changed 4 times in a 3 hour window d/t lack of communication among staff.  I can’t imagine how painful it must have been.  No sterile gloves used when poking around open sores.  Hm, infection control much?  Cups of drained blood from a patient’s wound poured down the sink and toilet.  Bloody bandages left on the floor, IVs not flushed for over 24 hours, lying on documentation…

And that’s only the beginning.  The lack of communication, the errors, the lack of following protocols, the hostility among staff, the disregard for personal, patient care, doctors acting like absolute jerks, nurses being catty, everyone has a chip on their shoulder, everyone thinks they deserve something; it’s sickening.

And isn’t it a shame that we’re all sick in the one place that won’t help any of us get better?  medical-bedside_manner-surgeon-consultant-medical-hospitals-aba0445l