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In Assessment, there are two vital sign check-offs: one in the beginning of the semester and one toward the end.  The difference between them is the one at the end requires you to determine heart sounds (murmur or no murmur) and lung sounds (crackles or wheezes).  You perform the vital sign check off on dummies!ap-nursing-schools-demand-4_3Yes.  The answer is yes.  Yes it’s easy and yes it’s stupid.  Sure, it’s kinda sorta useful to try your stethoscope and blood pressure technique on a dummy before live people.  But it’s pointless after the 1st month of nursing school.  You should be doing it on real people.  Why you ask?  Because dummies sound nothing like real people.  I’ve tired to hear crackles and murmurs in live humans for a long time now with no luck.  Yet, a dummy I can hear plain as day.  It must have something to do with the microphone inside his chest…