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Dear Doctor,

Yea. I see you.  You have a white coat on.  That’s great.  I’m glad that 10+ years of schooling and hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt has finally allowed you to wear a lab coat, which can only be obtained by gaining an MD because eBay definitely doesn’t sell them for $10.  Your accomplishments are astounding.  But I’m not here to talk to you about your attire.  I’m here to discuss your attitude. 

I understand if you’re mean to an idiot.  I’m mean to idiots.  So of course if a nurse is asking a stupid, obvious question or behaving in a non-professional, moronic manner, by all means please yell at her.  But why are you mean to people who are competent?  People who have done nothing wrong yet?  Who has just said good morning to you?  Why would you respond by rolling your eyes and ignoring them?  Why would you literally grab a chart out of someone’s hand as they are reading it?  Why so snappy?  Why so insolent?  It’s not about being a doctor and a nurse.  It’s about being human to another human.  Be polite.  Didn’t your mother teach you anything? 

What’s that?  Your mom died when you were 5 from cancer and that’s what inspired you to become a doctor in the first place?  Well by that logic I should be able to come into work and be rude to you when my dog dies or when my husband leaves me or when any other tragic life alteration influences me.  Deal?

No deal?  Well.  I would say that’s pretty hypocritical of you, Doc.  That paradox may stem from a combination of narcissistic/ego-centrism personality disorder.  That’s right.  I can make diagnoses too.  Tell ya what.  Why don’t I agree to be a pleasant, competent nurse who doesn’t kill the patient that you are in charge of caring for and YOU promise to stay out of my way.



The RN who is tired of your shit