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The first semester of nursing school is over, hooray!! It took work and time and it was stressful (mainly because overly-excited people made students feel things were more important than they were… *ahemcertainprofessorsandoverachievingstudentsahem*  In the end the concepts were simple, assignments doable and time management is the hardest part.  You do feel a little like this in the end, though:


 After a few days of studying, I would go out with my friends and literally forget how to converse.  I also started using medical terms for non related items, “Pass me that nebulizer.  Oh gawd, I mean beer.

Anyway, I thought I would share the mottos I have formulated through the semester. They aren’t uplifting so calm down happy people. Realistic, down to earth people, come forward and enjoy:

  1. Play the game and get out: my 1st & favorite.  Don’t get caught up in the stressors & petty drama.  Don’t argue with the teacher just to get 1 extra point on the test (especially when you have an 85 and one extra point doesn’t change a B).  Don’t let other people’s perception of what kind of person/nurse you need to be influence you entirely.  They’re full of it.  Stand on your own two feet, keep your head low, push forward and eventually RUN!
  2. You’re not learning how to be a nurse; you’re learning to take the NCLEX: you’ll learn to be a nurse at your first job.  What you’re learning in nursing school is how to ace NCLEX style questions.
  3. Like poker, play the teacher, not the test: you may know the material but if you don’t know the teacher, how they test, what answers they’re looking for, you will fail.
  4. Nursing school is the hardest part of nursing: take comfort in this fact.