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As my previous post announced, the first semester of nursing school is over.  I was dreading it horribly so you may be wondering if my dread was justified.  Yes.  The answer is yes.

Not because it’s hard.  People who say nursing school is hard are either stupid or overachievers who think they need to grasp every single concept, analyze it to the bone and then complain to the higher-ups when it doesn’t make sense.  NEWS FLASH, PEOPLE: CHILL OUT.  It’s just nursing school.  It’s easy.  It’s common sense and technical skills.  It’s stressful, yes, and the job is important but there are many jobs that fit that description: lawyer, doctor, engineer, architect, teacher, construction worker…. You get my point.

It’s the people who make it hard.  Other students.  Professors.  Their approach.  Their biases.  Their “holier than thou” attitude.  I’ll give you an example:  a mother of a 3 year old had very little time to study and binged the weekend before the test.  Her clinical group asked how she did afterward and when she told them she got an A (GOOD FOR YOU, GIRL!), they railed her: “How did you  make an A when you only studied for a couple of days?  I studied for weeks and didn’t get that grade!”  If that wasn’t petty enough, the group of girls went to the class coordinator and complained.  This is the worst part of it all: the clinical coordinator called the mother into her office and railed her too, “This is nursing school.  We don’t binge study.  You’re setting a bad example.”

The mom is a nice girl and she was shocked so I’m sure she didn’t respond in a manner those commoners deserved:


Seriously, though.  How can I respect people like that?  Not just the students but instructors who promote that kind of petty-ass behavior from a group of jealous, immature brats?

That is one story of many.  There is so much more to complain about but that would be boring and pointless.  Which motto am I experiencing at this moment?

Play the game and get out.