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While my fellow students are falling over each other, grasping desperately at any and all available PCT (patient care technician) positions available in the area, I am doing something awesome.  Because I’m awesome.  Almost as awesome as A-W-E-S-O-M-O but not quite:


I’m volunteering at a hospital in Vietnam for 3 weeks.

I’m hoping I might actually be useful and learn some things.  Better yet, perhaps I can teach some things as well.  I recognize the buzz lately about “volunteer tourism” has merit.  If you’re not familiar with the debate, you can read a short blurp here.  It’s interesting and like I said, I agree with much of it.  What I don’t understand is why people are suddenly surprised that volunteering abroad could do more bad than good for the people you’re “helping” (that’s what you get for taking 18 yr old Americans to build schools) or how the positions purely feed the volunteer’s own ego/desire to feel important (um, duh, we’re selfish creatures in the end).

Anyway!  Since I actually have medical experience and that is a prerequisite for the program, I feel more confident I will actually get/give something from this exposure.  I leave soon so this post will most likely be my last until the end of July!  Wish me luck!