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I was not aware that my second semester in nursing school would have online classes.  Ironic since there were other programs in the area that I declined to attend due to the fact that they were online.  Lesson learned: ASK!  A “non online program” can still have online classes!

I have 6 classes total: 4 online, 2 lecture (w/ 2 accompanying clinical rotations).  So that’s 18 credit hours with 20 clinical hours.  I’m actually not too upset about the online thing because basically, this semester is so boring and pointless I think all the classes should be online.  But here’s a rundown of just the online classes:

  1. Research
    I’ve never liked research classes and this one is no exception.  There are weekly quizzes, “critical assessment” assignments each month (you read an article and answer questions about it) and one long research paper at the end of the year.  It’s easy but tedious, boring and pointless.
  2. Groups
    This is basically a sociology class (how people interact with each other in a group setting).  If you’ve never had a psych/socio class maybe it’s interesting but for me (with a minor in psych and a therapist for a father) I was hurtin’.  SO BORING.  It was self paced so you could take the quizzes/tests at your own leisure.  I knocked the whole course out in the first month so the rest of the semester I don’t have to worry about it.
  3. Aging
    In other words, gerontology nursing.  It covers topics like how to care for the elderly, what the elderly are susceptible to as they age, and special nursing needs the elderly require.  Boring and easy.  Quizzes every other weekend along with discussion boards online.  Discussion board consist of various things like responding to a case study situation or giving your opinion on a certain topic in the chapter, etc.
  4. Palliative Care (elective)
    One elective is required so I thought I would knock it out of the way this semester.  This is also a very easy class.  The reading is light (so light it flows in one ear and out the other).  I’ve literally learned nothing since the class started; the information seems obvious and simple to me.  Each week there are discussion boards, case study reflections and sometimes added bonuses like journal entries to discuss your “feelings” and crap.

So the keyword for this semester is: BORING!!!  YAYYY!!  SARCASM!!!   YAY!!!