Women’s health is a lecture (3 hours on Wednesday) and clinical (8 hours on every other Tuesday) class.  Most people look forward to this semester because it means… guess what it means….??……….


It means these little guys

Before you get all excited, remember what accompanies these little guys:

21laborAnd this…

footling-breech-cesarean-1and this…


So.  Yea.  I’m fine with it; seen lots of deliveries (including my sister, who like me was born at home with a midwife) and C sections (which are brutal procedures but sometimes necessary).  But I’m not enchanted with the L&D process or babies the way most people are.  Although I admit, L&D nurses are so happy and nice; no wonder everyone wants to end up working on a gyn floor!  And who can be in a bad mood around a baby (assuming they aren’t driving you to insanity by depriving you of sleep, nutrients and other life essentials)?  But back to my real point: I am really freakin’ tired of people calling childbirth a miracle.

News flash people: we KNOW how it works.  We’re aware of everything the body does to accommodate for a baby and how a woman is able to push a little one out of her vagina.  It’s a wonderful experience in life, one that is irreplaceable and beautiful in the sense that it perpetuates our future and highlights the amazing complexity of the human body.  But it’s not a mystery, and it certainly is not a miracle.  So please chill out, people.  Please.

Women’s has no pre-clinical (whoo hoo!) but there is a lot of paperwork.  There are assignments due the day of clinical (you do them the night before) and assignments due during clinical.  It’s tedious paperwork, basically, and covers 5 departments: L&D, antepartum, postpartum, nursery and NICU.  Overall I would say it’s a pretty laid back clinical and our professor is awesome so that helps.