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“Nurses of America” are little short stories outlining the remarks or actions a future or present nurse has exhibited in my presence.  OH, I almost forgot to clarify: these are stupid remarks or actions.


We had a group of people come speak to our class about donating stem cells and why we should do it.  Great topic, good cause, etc. (honestly, it really is, check it out here).  They continue their talk by explaining the process of donating stem cells.  There are two ways: you can donate blood directly (from an IV in your arm) or they will take stem cells directly from the marrow in your pelvis.  Easy, yes?  Topic is done, class is dismissed, lines of good samaritans form to fill out donor cards, etc.

Then the instructor turns on the mic and interrupts our loud chatter to state:

“Guys!  GUYS!  I just want to make sure you understand.  Someone asked… and… well, you need to know: they don’t actually take a part of your hip out.  It’s just stem cells.  You know.  Like what’s in your blood and marrow.  So.  It’s just aspirated from a needle.  Ok?  So… no one loses part of their body or anything.”


…………………………….. Wiig, why don’t you take this one for me…………………