To summarize, my classes this semester consist of 4 online classes and 2 lecture/clinical classes (women’s and adult health).  I’ve reviewed all these classes except Adult I and I will tell you why:

I’m too busy planning my suicide.

suicideI just can’t get a grasp on Adult I, which is extremely aggravating since the class is not that hard.  After taking a few tests and gauging the instructor’s/other student’s opinions, I think I’ve IDed at least one major problem: the course instructor.  She is an ego-maniac out to prove something and man do her tests shine with that fact!  It’s like she purposefully tries to trick us; I hate that crap.

The other problem is my clinical instructor, who not only looks insane (picture Einstein’s hair but longer coupled with blue eyeshadow and over sized jewelery) but also is the most unorganized person I’ve ever had the displeasure of meeting.  She has yet to grade any of our preclinical paperwork and our clinical assignment is DONE for the semester.  She also seems to think she’s intimidating/scary but really she’s just plain annoying.

Anyway.  Back to Adult I.  What are you learning?  Basically it’s specific diseases and how you, as a nurse, care for a patient with that disease.  Consider peptic ulcer disease:

  • You learn the general patho (including different types of PUD)
  • Risk factors (age, race, lifestyle, etc.)
  • Symptoms & assessment (what you will see when a patient has PUD)
  • Treatment (non-pharmalogical and pharmalogical, including meds and their side effects)
  • Interventions (including teaching points and priority assessments)

It’s just a ton of stuff and the tests pick the tiniest, most specific detail instead of focusing on the larger picture.  ARG!  I just… hate it.  What’s worse is that Adult II is next semester so I can’t even burn the book yet.