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An instructor showed us this video in class one day to try and teach the idea of ABGs (which, call me crazy but I don’t think it’s that hard, although I’ll admit it’s easy to confuse which is alkalosis and acidosis under which circumstance).  Anyway, I thought the video was a little ridiculous (especially the “alk alk alk” stuff):

On the 3rd test (months after this video) an ABG question popped up and for the life of me I blanked.  I kept thinking the situation through my head: “If someone is throwing up they are losing acid so become alkalotic.  If they have diarrhea they are losing base and become acidotic.  Wait.  Right?  CRAP.  If they have diarrhea they are losing everything so which one is it?”  You know how it goes; you start second guessing yourself.

And then I remembered this stupid video.  “Alk alk alk” when you’re throwing up and “Ass ass ass” for diarrhea.  I don’t go to test review so who knows if I got the question right but I passed the test and that’s all that matters.  Lesson learned: some stuff sticks with you no matter how ridiculous it seems.  In fact, it probably sticks with you for that very reason.