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We all know books are expensive.  Like.  CRAZY expensive.  A previous post of mine mentioned how awesome renting textbooks can be.  You can go to Chegg, Amazon or a new website I came across, Neebo; all have great rental programs.  I highly recommend it!

I have realized (and it took me until my 3rd semester in nursing school to figure it out) that there are actually a lot of textbooks available in our library.  The trick is to check them out before the next semester even starts.  For example, I asked my S1 professors before my J2 finals were over what next semester’s books were going to be.  I then checked those books out before the semester ended.  Overachieving planners do this before normal students even think to do it and that’s why when normal students search for textbooks next semester, they will find that someone (ie, ME) has beat them to it.  MUWWHAHAHAHA!


Also, I have found that if you ask professors if you can use one edition older than the current edition they’re using, they usually say yes.  Especially if you pull their politically correct heartstrings (b/c if you are economically disadvantaged they really can’t say no).  You save a TON of money doing that.  For instance, I’m doing that for Mental Health next semester, which means a price difference of $5 for 6th edition versus $80 for 7th edition.  WHOORAY!


Lastly, if you do purchase a book (especially if it’s not that expensive), please consider donating it to your school’s library.  That way future students can access it.  It’s such a helpful resource and you are studying to be a nurse; you’re supposed to be into all that humanitarian cra… I MEAN… “highly admirable behavior.”