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I have the BP of a 50 year old smoking diabetic man.  It’s seriously SO HIGH and no one would ever suspect it (I’m skinny, healthy looking, don’t smoke, eat pretty healthy, etc.)  It’s been consistently high for the past couple of years and my doctor said if it remains so she may consider putting me on BP pills.

Hell.  No.

I am in my late 20s and I’ll be damned if I start taking regularly scheduled medications (other than BC pills).  Besides, I know the complications that accompany heart problems and chronic hypertension.  Medication side effects are only part of the problem.  I want to stop it now.

I try to work out but honestly it’s hard to find the time.  I eat okay and I’m not overweight.  I try to control my stress but it’s almost impossible (I’m a natural worrier).  So I thought I’d look into Hawthorn; it’s been suggested it may help heart disease/hypertension. I thought this review by the University of Maryland Medical Center was extensive, well-constructed and fair.


PLEASE NOTE you should not start taking anything without talking to your doctor (it’s hilarious I say that because I haven’t talked to my doctor about it).  But doctors get very nervous about herbal remedies for two reasons: 1) there’s very little research about herbal remedies, and 2) without research there’s no protection against lawsuits.  So if you approach a doctor about Hawthorn and they say “eh, I don’t think you should” it may not necessarily be because Hawthorn is dangerous or even ineffective.  But the doctor has to cover his/her ass; they have to warn you so if you take it and it does happen to affect you negatively, you can’t turn around and sue your MD.

If you are interested in implementing herbal/alternative therapies into your health regimen, I would search for a doctor in your vicinity who specializes in that specific area of expertize.