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J2 feels something like this:

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No joke, the moment I am about to blow a gasket in class, a friend leans over and starts humming this.  Just.  Let sh*t go.  That is the takeaway this semester.

J2 is filled with pointless busy work, frustration and discouragement.  Pep talks are substituted for bitch fests and forget the time where you thought you could do nursing school no sweat.  This semester you question whether you even want to be a nurse.  It’s a very angry semester because you feel you are wasting so much time and energy on pointless crap.

OH and you are lucky enough to interact with instructors who aren’t caring enough to help complete newbies (J1s) but aren’t cool enough to be specialists (S1 where all the ICU nurses are).  So you can get stuck with the ridiculous instructors who push agendas, flash their ego feathers and overall act way cooler than they actually are.

Peacocks are attention whores

You know who else flashes their feathers?!  PEACOCKS!  And they’re attention whores!