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I came across London Hospital (BBC series known as the Casualty) on Amazon prime and became addicted immediately.  It follows the London Hospital in the 1900s and the reason I find it fascinating is that every story is “based on real cases, characters and events taken from the actual hospital records, nurses’ ward diaries and intimate memoirs.”


While searching for similar shows I came across The Knick, which sounds like the US version of London Hospital.  It’s set in the same time period but covers stories in the Knickerbocker Hospital located in New York.  I have no idea if these stories are based off truth/fact the way London Hospital is; I haven’t found information suggesting that is the case.  I ordered the series from Netflix; I’ll let you know how it is in a later post.


As one last shout out, I have to give credit to Call the Midwife.  I don’t care nothin’ ’bout birthin’ babies but I still find the show interesting.  It is also set in London in the 50s.  If you like period pieces like I do I’m sure you’ll enjoy it!