My dad is a therapist.  I minored in psychology.  I think the power of the brain enthralling.  I find the mind of the criminally insane by far the most fascinating.

I thought I’d love Mental Health.  I was wrong.

I’m not going to get into all my personal opinions/experiences (you can read my pillow therapy post here if you want to hear that).  For now, I will just explain the class in general.  You learn about mood disorders, addictions, psychosis, etc. Lecture is 3 hours, clinical is about 6 hours on a psych floor in a local hospital.  Most of the patients on the ward are suffering from bipolar, depression/suicide, drug/alcohol detox, schizophrenia, eating disorders and some dementia.

The material seems like common sense.  I don’t ever “study” for exams because there’s nothing to study; the information is clear and to the point in my opinion.  It disappoints me because I do love the topic so much.  I was hoping this would be my favorite clinical.

Also, the instructors are very strange creatures.  There’s only three of them and they all have concerning tendencies.  For instance, one instructor literally has a mental breakdown if you touch her.  Apparently a student tried to hug her and she started to cry, shake and ran away.  DURING CLINICAL.  Yes.  These are the types of “professionals” I have the pleasure of working with in nursing school.

After most days in mental health, I feel insane myself.  I guess I could commit myself to the psych ward.  I’ve already gotten in good with all the patients since I see them once a week.  I’m sure they’d welcome me with open arms and crazy eyes.