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I’ll admit kids do like me and in some odd way we get along well.  I’ve been told kids trust me because I am honest; they have this uncanny ability to gauge a person’s inner aura and apparently mine isn’t all that bad.  And if I ever come across a Stewie Griffin baby, I will declare to the world my eternal love for children from that point forward:


But.  Seriously.  I hate peds.  So much, in fact, that I am struggling to stay motivated and my grades are reflecting it.

I hate it because I don’t agree with it.  I don’t agree that we shouldn’t hold down toddlers to give them their medications.  I don’t agree that your IV bag has magic fairy dust that will help you get better.  I don’t agree that you should listen to your teddy bear’s heart before I listen to yours.  I don’t agree that a BSN should require an entire semester of child health when you could give a damn about pediatrics.  I fully expect to manage just fine as an ER nurse even if I haven’t memorized a child’s normal vital signs.  This degree is just full of wasted time and energy.  We are learning crap that isn’t useful.  I’m so sick of it.

And yes.  I’m sick of you too, kid.  Now just stop screaming, hold still (or I’ll make you), and let me do my job.  Does it look like I have wings and a wand?  Hell no cause I ain’t your effing fairy godmother!