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I think the idea of the OR is awesome. I love seeing people’s bodies open on a table with a chance to look inside.  It’s incredible we can even do that, let alone someone can heal from the process (especially considering how rough surgeons are on the body when you’re unconscious).

Oh I’m sorry, did I just shatter an illusion for you?  That surgeons are all gentle and kind to your body when you aren’t aware of what’s going on?  PUhahahahaha.  Oh, that’s cute you think that.

Anyway.  I’m fascinated for about 10 minutes then I’m bored.  I don’t think I could be an OR nurse full time.  You just stand there and maybe hand the doctor supplies (if you don’t have a surgical tech) and watch the monitor for any weird fluctuations in vital signs. You help count supplies at the end.  And that’s about it. BORING!

But. Organs are cool!

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