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When teachers throw out test questions and if you got those questions wrong, you get those points back.  If you got the questions right, however, you get nothing back.  You don’t get those points added to your grade even though you earned them, fair and square.  You get zero credit for being smarter than everyone else while the stupid people actually get points ADDED to their grade for MISSING the question.  How does that make sense?


Life isn’t fair.  We’re adults so we all know that.  But gheezus, this is almost too ridiculous to bear.  This seems like a matter beyond fairness.  It has to do with what actually makes sense.  It has to do with what we’re portraying to students (if you miss questions you may get rewarded, if you’re right you may get nothing).  It’s like the whole idea of unemployment only on a much smaller scale.

*if you don’t understand that reference you may belong to the group of test takers who missed questions and still earned points* 

It’s total crap and I’m sick of being pulled down with the masses just because I might be a little bit ahead of the norm.  I’m beginning to understand why the true geniuses of our history generally led sad, dramatic lives in which many of them spiraled into insanity.

*And just in case you think I’m being dramatic, I’m not.  Research has shown creativity/genius is strongly correlated to mental illness.  SO THERE!*

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