This.  Is.  Amazingly crazy.

This procedure is obviously saturated with innumerable issues, both ethical and physical.  For instance, consider the risk associated with any organ transplant.  Rejection is a critical complication, a reaction that is suppressed by placing the patient on lifelong immunosuppressants.  These meds, however, open a door to a whole new set of problems: infection.  So the patient must take meds that not only suppress the immune system but also meds that help fight infections.  The side effects can be deplorable.  Some patients say they would have rather have kept the bad organ than have to deal with the strict med regimen and side effects of transplant meds.

So one has to ask how the heck can someone take an entire head and transplant it onto a different body?  Aside from infection and rejection risks, how the heck do you make the spinal cord work?  Connect every single artery and vein and nerve fiber?  Keep the body/brain alive long enough under all the right conditions until the 32-70 hour procedure can be completed?  It’s incredible that we are undertaking such an enormous endeavor (even if we may be a little too “young” to try it just yet).

No great discovery was ever made without a bold guess.