You questioned your desire to be a nurse in J2 and in this semester you definitively decide you don’t.  You don’t want to be a nurse.  It’s just not worth it.  The semester is exhausting, physically and mentally.  Overbearing.  Sink or swim.  So much information thrown at you, you think you might explode.  The semester of delirium (I’m not kidding.  I put my purse away in the fridge the other day.  THE FRIDGE, people!).  This semester turns you insane.

You may find a floatie to save yourself from drowning.  Some even may manage a life boat.  But don’t be fooled.  The minute you think you’re safe, a shark capsizes you and eats you alive (ie, you fail the test you thought was an easy win).  You are never safe.


Upsides: you pull together as a team.  Power in numbers, people.  There has been no other time in my life where I have relied so heavily on my peers.  You use each other for reinforcement (what room are we meeting in again?), validation (am I crazy or did the teacher say…??) and support (This is the worst thing ever, right?).  The ICU/ER rotations are awesome along with the ICU nurses/instructors.  I’ve heard some older nursing students say that this was the semester that all the information “came together” for them.  Like, after this semester they felt they could be a nurse.

Let me just get myself set up here….


Yea.  I call major bull honky on that one.  Nursing ain’t hard, people.  Not technically.  Emotionally it’s draining.  Physically it’s exhausting.  Mentally you can’t be an idiot.  But other than that, there’s been no point in time during nursing school where I thought this material was over my head.  On the contrary, usually I’m over its head.  Usually I’m wondering why the heckitty-heck we’re sitting in class when this stuff is 90% common sense and 10% patho.  We should be in the hospitals practicing our clinical profession.

Anyway.  Just.  Prepare yourself.  Prepare to hate a lot of stuff this semester, prepare to be overwhelmed, exhausted and fed up.  Prepare for unbearable, drawn out explanations on why “this” answer was better than all the other right answers for this particular test question.  Monitor your suicide (and homicide) risk and stay away from cliffs.