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I like going to DiscoverNursing.com when I lose heart and begin thinking of changing careers because “nursing sucks” (yes, I think of that before I’ve even become a nurse).  When I read the specialties they outline, it gives me hope that I may find something not so terrible for my future as a nurse.


They have it organized really well.  You can also take a short quiz that will pair you with the specialties that might match your interests.  My results are kinda depressing:


Just because I stated I was interested in psychology does not mean I want to work with psychotic/abused/addict-type patients.  I’ll admit the results aren’t THAT far off; I’m ok with addicts/suicide attempts in the hospital.  We don’t have a system set up to send them anywhere else so unless we decide to get hard core in this country and just let them die on the street, the hospital is the only place left to take them.

I bring this up because many nurses dislike caring for these patients and believe they don’t “deserve” treatment (or they feel it’s their duty to “teach them a lesson” by withholding pain medication or using the largest bore catheter they can to make a stomach pump as uncomfortable as possible).  This is obviously unethical not to mention down right petty.  Who I believe deserves treatment or not isn’t part of the equation; I do my job and peace out at the end of the day.  End of story.