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I decided to start posting a series titled “Med Myths” because I’ve come to realize that people are clueless about many things in the medical world.  It’s time to de-bunk some myths!

Did you know that not all RNs have a bachelor’s degree?  There is an associate degree RN (2 years) and a bachelor degree RN (4 years).  Both degree paths require students to take the same standardized exam after graduation: the NCLEX.  This means when you see “RN” on a nurses’ badge in the hospital, they could have an associate or bachelor’s degree.  You won’t know which unless you ask.


It’s true that many hospitals prefer to hire BSN graduates.  The main difference between the two curriculum is a BSN degree will include leadership, management, research, and other electives that dub the program as more extensive.  However, if you have good grades or lots of experience as an ADN RN, you can still get hired.  The larger difference comes if you ever want to get a Master’s (having a bachelor’s degree already is a better option in that case).