Community health focuses on the community or a specific population as the client rather than one individual.  Clinicals consist of school nurse shadowing, retirement home visits, local health fairs, community teaching exhibits (poison control, etc.).

There is a very large community project that we work on through the entire semester, ending with one big presentation at the end.  We have to diagnosis a community problem and come up with a solution.  Basically we’re using ADPIE on our assigned community/population.

This class has been filled with drama so far.  Group projects gone south, tests that cover items not lectured on (heck, there was a test question from a chapter that wasn’t even assigned!) and overall frustration/boredom with the material.  The course manager is this sweet, sweet old lady who drives you insane.  You have this grand plan to give her a good talking to when you see her next and then she walks in:


How are you supposed to yell at that?  Although I will say, some students have found a way.  First hand witness to that fiasco and all I could do was pray that sweet old lady wouldn’t grade the group on one member’s behavior!

I appreciate the importance of community health.  It includes prevention and education efforts, with the ultimate goal of keeping people out of the hospital/away from disease.  But I’m having a hard time melding this class to my personality.  I don’t think I’m compassionate enough for the masses.

I have a hard time feeling motivated to “save the people” when most of them get themselves into their own mess.  Homeless people with iPhones?  Really?  25-year-old jobless mothers with 6 children by 3 different men?  Really?  Cancer patients who continue to smoke?  Really?  I’m sure you can see where I’m going with this train of thought…