UntitledMeme mania started J2 semester when our women’s health course manager looked ridiculously similar to Edna from The Incredibles movie.  Someone created a photo comparing the two side by side and blasted it out to the student body during the very lecture the course manager was instructing.  I wish I could share that photo because it did, and still does, entertain me to no end.

Since that time, memes have circulated like madness among students.  An instructor caught wind of this and asked if I would send a few that we have used continuously over the course of our nursing school career.  She thought she could use some in lecture for future classes (she’s a “cool teacher”).  And since I compiled some for her, I thought why not share it for others too.  So here ya go: the memes to help you get through nursing school.


Every group project ever



Nursing school: it prepares you for nothing real



Where am I

Wait. How did I get here?


Dominate that test, yo


Health Promotion - Done

Health promotion project? DONE.




Take that grade and run!


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Final semester


Test Questions


Every community test question