The transition from S1 to S2 feels something like this:


The beginning is nothing but pure bliss and utter calmness.  You’re too tired from S1 to even consider if it may be a trick.  Halfway through the semester, you start to realize how pointless S2 is (like any last semester of any academic program).  And then you start to get angry.  Group projects piss you off.  Overachievers keep asking obvious questions when it really doesn’t matter (like, really doesn’t matter; this is the last semester, people).  You’re a step away from going Taken on the next teacher who tries to encourage you to keep caring.



This is about the time when the sarcastic, indifferent, (i.e., the really cool people) start to emerge and formulate an alliance.  Anything and everything school related becomes an opportunity to have fun to the Nth degree.  And when I say “fun” I mean it’s the chance to rebel and not be scolded (assuming you don’t take it too far).  You’re an S2, you’re going to graduate, there’s nothing more to learn at this point as a student, and your instructors know you well enough to catch on to the fact that you’re not a bad student, you’re just done at this point.

My favorite stage. 





And then the semester ends.  There’s a kind of melancholy happiness among your friends.  You’re no doubt happy to leave and won’t look back but there’s a sadness any time you transition from one stage of life to another; this time is no different.  You have your goodbye lunches, you exchange job information and future plans, you give little graduation gifts.  Then, you get in your car, drive home, step in the front door and stare at the wall wondering what to do now.  You suddenly realize you won’t ever experience that part of your life again.  Yay… ??



Then you remember you’re not in nursing school anymore and you party like it’s 1945!