Courtesy of the Scrubs Mag website (with a few of my own tweaks), this pretty much sums up nursing school.  Scrubs Mag originally said that after a week you start to regret nursing school.  I would argue you sense the mistake before you even start school, feel it slowly growing (like a tumor) and in S1 it explodes into pure panic and a desire to get the heck out of there by any means necessary (yes, that includes making a C)

Anyone who has attended or is currently attending nursing school knows that it can be an emotional roller coaster at times. (Okay, all of the time!) Here are 17 of the most common feelings that every nursing student experiences…


1. When people told me to run far far away from nursing school:


2. After the first semester:


3. When I get a test question that has more than one correct answer:


4. Every time I read a test question:


5. When someone ACTUALLY gets an answer right:


6. When the brown noser gets the answer right:


7. When the professor assigns another care plan:



8. When the teacher asks me if I understand the lecture she just gave:



9. When I actually understand what the professor is teaching:


10. When I’m studying for the NCLEX:


11. When I look at the test and I can’t answer the first question:


12. When I first learned that the correct answer isn’t always the correct answer:



13. At the end of each semester:



14. When I get the most commonly missed question on the exam correct:


15. What you dream of doing to your school every night:



16. Graduation.  You do your happy dance like there’s no tomorrow.




A few days after graduation….

17. When I realize that I’m done with school and I still know NOTHING: