It’s been a long time since I did a “Nurses of America” post (which in no way suggests there’s not that many stupid things going on, more the fact I don’t have the time to list them all).

Picture a group of 4 graduate nurses (GN), orienting themselves on their new unit, being led by their nurse educator.  The group stops at a patient’s room and the following conversation commences:

Educator:  points to the room, “This is a negative air pressure room for airborne patients who have TB (tuberculosis) and similar pathogens.”

*In front of the room, the housekeeper has set down a yellow cone on the wet floor.  You know the type.  The ones with a red triangle with the image of a black figure slipping accompanied by the text, “!CAUTION: WET FLOOR!”*

GN #1: raises her hand, “I have a question.  What does the cone mean?”



Educator:  “Uhh… the cone?  It’s for a wet floor.”

GN #1: “Oh ok, so it just means wet floor? Nothing else?”



Me: “Excuse me, I have to use the bathroom.”

*Walk slowly to the bathroom.  Close the door.  Lock it.*