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*Perspective is invaluable but unfortunately, obtainable only after the moment you need it.  “Dear me,” is a series of letters from my current self to my past self.  I plan to write another one a year from now after I have hospital experience (so basically my future self will be giving my current self advice on being a graduate nurse).  Over time, I’d like to see how I grew and gained perspective through experience.*


Nursing school is exactly what you think it will be.  Academically, it’s doable.  Socially, it’s beyond annoying and practicality is non-existent.  It will feel like a waste of time most days.  S1 is the worst semester so try to cut out complexity during that time in your life (i.e., maybe it’s not the best semester to move and go through a remodel of a home).

However.  Your fear of failure is unfounded.  You will not miss out on or sacrifice nearly as much as you think you will.  You will still have a life, travel, go out with friends, spend time with your boyfriend and simultaneously pass all your classes with As and Bs.  You will perform better than most while putting forth half the effort.  Your thought process and honest opinions will stand out as harsh and off-putting to many (that’s nothing new to you).  What friends you do make are the ones who stick around for the long haul (as you already know).

While you will hate everything your school does to you, when you graduate and start your job you will notice how far ahead you are compared to your peers.  Your education will prepare you better than any other university in the area, which becomes blatantly obvious when you sit in orientation surrounded by graduate nurses who know nothing, while you have been exposed to most all of it already.  Much like a young child hating their parent, you will come to appreciate that “harsh love” as an older, more wise adult.

This too will pass.  Baby steps.  Move forward.