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There’s no way to know what will be on the NCLEX.  However, after doing over 3,000 practice questions and post-test knowledge, there were some subjects/question formats that definitely reared their ugly head on a continuous basis.  They may be worth reviewing:

  • generic drug names (PPIs, heart)
  • potassium (diet, interaction w/ certain meds)
  • abruptio placenta v. placenta previa
  • therapeutic communication
  • safety (physical safety before psychological safety)
  • isolation precautions
  • who do you see/call back first?
  • select all that apply
  • labs (K, Na, Cl, Ca, Mg, platelets, HgB, Hct, WBC)
  • chest tubes (what’s normal/abnormal?)
  • respiratory distress (pediatric)
  • EKG strips (the common, obvious ones)
  • positioning (what would be contraindicated post-procedure)

Don’t become obsessive over this list.  It certainly isn’t the be all and end all!  Like I’ve said before, you must identify your weaknesses and focus on that.  Do not spend time reviewing information you already know!