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jumbledThoughtsMedications are my weak spot.  I have a hard time remembering the names (too many sound alike!), what the side effects are (any drug out there that doesn’t cause constipation and nausea?), and in general what the “take away” high points are for each drug.  They all just become a blur of stuff in my head.

Needless to say, this was stressful for me because the practice tests were throwing all kinds of random drugs at me; I thought I’d be screwed on the NCLEX.  This turned out to be untrue, thankfully.  The NCLEX only referred to very common drugs like Protonix and heart medications.  Just remember: NCLEX refers to generic names only!

However, if you would like to review medications, I would suggest making a chart similar to this one: NCLEX Drug Chart.  Create this chart as you’re doing practice questions and only write down medications you are unfamiliar with.  Include only the side effects that the practice question addressed.  It is a waste of time to look up every med and memorize every side effect and nursing consideration; it’s just not possible in the short time period you have before the NCLEX.  Focus on what’s being tested on and try to take a “big picture” away concerning groups of medications.  For instance, what do all blood pressure meds have in common?  Perhaps the concern for hypotension/dizziness/propensity to falling.  Capeesh?!