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I thought to myself, “If only every shift could have been like last night.  I think I could do this job.”

I’m not sure what it was but we were acting a fool all night.  We must have had a great group of personalities together at one time and no one had patients who were overly horrible.  We joked.  Laughed.  Thought of jobs that made more money than nursing.  Drug dealers, stripper?  Check.  Shared ridiculous ideas like what our porn star name would be.  Anything that is completely inappropriate to discuss in the work place, we definitely covered it.  I sat at the nursing station, which was a big deal to all.  “Look at her, coming out to join the group!”  (I usually sit in an off room next to the nursing station to avoid distraction from useless chatter).  I told them usually they weren’t this interesting.


At one point, in tears from laughter, a nurse asked, “What is wrong with us tonight?”  I suggested someone must have laced the cookies in the break room since that was the only thing we had all shared.  The idea took off and we continued to laugh hysterically about what a hilarious send-off that would be for the next nurse who will inevitably leave the floor; it’s about time the “pot luck” lunch events live up to their name.

We laughed at nothing, giggled at the smallest thing.  The night was fun, which is such a nice break from the norm.  I thought I would share this information as a gesture of positivity; every night is not a living hell.  I mean, what in this life is all of something without a dash of the alternative?