WARNING:  This is not a blog for people looking for sugar coated truths or rainbows coming out of unicorn’s butts. 

Screen shot 2013-12-17 at 12.12.21 PMThis is about a girl who chose nursing as a second career for reasons I can’t yet tell you.

This is my online therapist and you have the lucky opportunity to follow my journey through nursing (before school, during school and onward through the professional setting).  I am currently a novice nurse (< 3 years experience) working in a community health setting.  I used to have no idea why I chose nursing; the clinical setting was just that horrible.  But I think I am beginning to see glimpses of the positive side.  Flexibility and freedom!

I post what I can with what time I have under the below categories.  Please let me know if you’re looking for a specific topic or want something added to a category!

  • “about me” – my history, thoughts, interests, and personal experiences relating to the healthcare environment
  • “entertainment” – an outlet for humor, memes gallor, chats about medical news/books/media
  • “school resources” – my nursing school experience, NCLEX advice, academic and/or random resources
  • “my opus” – work (warning: not a happy place)
  • “pillow therapy” – frustrating experiences I am having along my journey

Still want to know more?  Here are 30 random facts:

  1. I am VERY sarcastic.
  2. I love being in the water!
  3. I write in abbreviated format b/c that’s what nurses do.
  4. b/c = because
  5. I am allergic to shellfish.
  6. I love to travel.
  7. I hate flying.
  8. My mother is the strongest person I know.
  9. I am a classically trained pianist.
  10. I believe you are in charge of your life.
  11. I love fries.
  12. My first degree was in education.
  13. I’m 90 years old inside.
  14. Mental illness runs in my family.  YAY!
  15. I love animals and should have been a vet.
  16. Pilates is awesome!
  17. I love peonies.
  18. I have no interest in having children.
  19. I have one sibling.
  20. I don’t like playing games.  They bore me.
  21. I have a long torso.
  22. Giraffes are the cutest animal.
  23. I should have been a ballerina.
  24. I don’t like ice cream.
  25. I think the human mouth is the most disgusting thing on earth.
  26. Speaking of, I’m German.  And French. Which make me an ambitious quitter.
  27. Living in fear is my worst fear.
  28. I don’t like crowds.
  29. Loud, rock music aggravates me (unless I’m in my indifferent mood).
  30. I am a little bit ghetto.

Feel free to contact me here with any questions or additional input!


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